Dedicated to making your dream holiday come true.

Shelly Bay Silent Days End noon Warm Farewell Snow Timelessness One Step Forward Sea Flaxen Sunset Vinyard Chopper Church 2 Church Fireplace Kayak 2 Heli Bridge Snowboard Shipfog Ski

The last word in personalized tours is New Zealand at its Best


We are a new, New Zealand based, all inclusive tour company. Our aim is to give the best service at the highest standard, making this tour your dream holiday. We have the confidence in ourselves and our staff to make sure things are done right, to everyone’s satisfaction, so you will enjoy yourselves 110% and will want to come back, also to tell all your friends and family back home.


It’s New Zealand at its Best, commitment, to achieve this, with the co-operation of our friendly tour guides, service personnel and staff.  



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